Working While In School

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Go to school, get good grades, so you can graduate and get a good job! Only then you will have wealth and success!” Well that simple statement has put many of us on the path to failure. This is the plan marketed by society as the way we are supposed to get success in life. In my experience it doesn’t’ work.

Professional or family life? As much as we’d like both, in many cases you can’t have a successful career and give the same love and attention to your family. At a certain point you’ll have to choose. If you think that having a child will drag you down, you are probably not ready to have one. Most people who desire a family feel that they will be uplifted.

You may also want to have several different saving accounts for your children. I only have one daughter right now, and she has three savings accounts. One was opened by me and the two others were opened by her grandparents. The money will be hers once she goes to College. I don’t even plan to tell her about the accounts until she has a real need to use any of them. If she won’t know what’s in there, she will be less likely to beg me for things that she doesn’t need. I remember when I was a teenager and there were so many things I was dying to have. Now, I wish I had saved that money towards my college Jobs.

Crazy and passionate about beautiful landscapes, wine country and log cabins, I am going to look for a small country home, with a barn that I can buy . If I succeed in finding one, I would love to start a vegetable and herb garden and plant some grapevines.

In addition to all of these programs, there is another program called the “Kids At Risk.” These are the children which DIF believes will end up next on to the streets without any support or privilege.

When the day finally came we discussed obvious things first such as our distance from one another. At this time the three of us all lived in different parts of the Midwest. We saw one another a few times a year however it was rare the three of us were ever in the same place at once.

You can find scholarship opportunities specifically for moms, dads, working adults and more. They are simple to apply for and no essay is required. If fact, the only requirement is that you need to be attending, or planning to attend, college. Most have an easy one page application for your personal contact information and chosen field of study.

These are just a few things we need to do and not to do to be able to be effective in relating with the students to be able to make a difference in their lives.

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