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In my last article I ended promising you some information on leather tiles so here it is. I must also say that researching this material was very exciting! The variety of colors, textures and patterns was phenomenal…it almost brought me to tears! Pathetic, I know, but it’s the little things that speak to my designer’s heart.

Draw a solid line all the way around the room showing the bottom edge of the crown molding. The distance from the ceiling to this line is the height of the crown molding. All ceilings have some unevenness along the joint of the ceiling and the wall. The joint where the crown molding meets the wall is normally more noticeable than the joint at the ceiling, so try to keep this line as straight as possible. Make a second line on the ceiling to mark the projection of the crown molding onto it. Now mark the wall studs and the ceiling joists. Make sure that all of your marks will be visible with the crown molding in place.

Planning is probably the most commonly neglected part of any job. This is too bad because proper planning is what makes the difference between a quick and efficient installation or massive frustration and numerous interruptions to run to the hardware store. Planning is especially important when installing crown molding.

A prefinished wood floor will have a higher quality finish than an unfinished, custom stained version. Prefinished wood floors will usually have between 4-7 coats of Aluminum Oxide and or Polyurethane applied at the factory using several treatments that include pressure and heating. Not only will the finish be incomparably better on a prefinished wood, but the factory process also rids the wood of any excess moisture. There are great Wood Mouldings flooring installers out there. Don’t misunderstand me! They just can’t give you them same finish quality because of limitations in the field, plain old physics, temperature, physics and chemistry.

As mentioned above, this style has a track which is mounted over the doorway stretching along the length of the wall with a couple of track hangers which can be attached to the door knobs and revolve horizontally down the length of the track. The track is built of solid steel. Due to the physics involved, this kind of setup provides the track with exceptional power.

Maintenance isn’t bad. When you receive your tiles you need to open the box and let them acclimate to the climate of your home for about a week. Once a year you should put a light coating of beeswax on your leather tiles to keep them moisturized and clean. Don’t ever use soap or any kind of cleaner other than water on the tiles and if there is a spill or stain blot, don’t rub, it out.

These doors will surely look elegant in your house. However, if you have children at your house then you need to be careful as they like to slide the doors a lot and there are chances that their fingers might get stuck in this process.

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