The 32 Essential WordPress Plugins Every Blogger Must Have

One of the best ways to share your ideas and opinions is to start a blog. If you do not know how to set up a blog do not worry. In this short article I will explain the steps I go through whenever I want to start and set up a successful blog. It really comes down to making sure I have a good plan and I followed that plan.

This is a trick question of sorts, because an honest web designer (and one who is most experienced) will say “NO”. Getting ranked high in Google for many local keywords is not that difficult, but it may take a little time. Google constantly changes its algorithm, so guaranteeing a top spot is a risky proposition at best. Also, be sure that your web designer is familiar with Google Places and the elements of ranking for local search.

Your website should really never stop evolving. Search engines love fresh, original content so be sure you know at the outset exactly who will be the one making updates to your site. Unless you are fluent in html, updating the site on your own does depend on which platform your designer chose to build your site. When negotiating on price, it is a good idea to get 12 months of updating included with the price of the site.

Tune Library – lets you import your XML iTunes Library into your premium woocommerce themes blog. What does this mean to you? It means you can post a listing of your entire music collection. Pretty spiffy, huh?

Ask yourself one question: Is my site relevant? If you are using SEO to create page titles, permalinks, tag lines and anchor text within content, then you’re headed in the right direction.

In case you are wondering, I do know what I’m talking about. I have my own blog with almost 800 subscribed readers and regulargly getting traffic from search engines like Google.

User Community – lets you manage extended user profiles, sort userlists, and display them in various formats to give users a sense of community on your site.

These strategies will allow you to create fast cash online, if you use them and work with them every single day. You cannot do a little here and a little there. Keep at it, and it pays off big time. Create a daily activity log for yourself with a list of things to do each day. Get organized and make sure you put time into it each day. Every drop of rain raises the river, so keep adding drops until you have a flood of money.

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