Should You Judge People By Their Appearance?

This is where judgment recovery comes into the picture (or article in this case:)). Now you may be wondering “What in the world is judgment recovery?” Well the official definition is the collection of an outstanding judgment by a professional judgment enforcer. Depending on what state you live in, a judgment is good for anywhere between seven to twenty years.

One of the age-old tools in Enforcement of judgment are judgment debtor (and third parties that possess or know about the debtor’s assets) exams at the court. A related tool is document production requests. What happens if a properly-served debtor does not show up at the court hearing?

Again, observe the main players in the scene and note the feelings that arise. Become aware of where these feelings emanate within your body and ‘be’ with them – don’t fight or resist them. They’re advising you how to yield to them, in order to free yourself from the inaccurate belief you formed.

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The debtor can file a claim of extension. Each State has exemptions for a judgment debtor’s personal property. If the debtor files a claim of extension, you need to show up at the hearing. If you do not show up, the debtor wins.

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The excited plaintiff responds immediately and agrees to the terms of the collection process (The plaintiff will split the amount of the judgment specialist fifty-fifty).

If your judgment has a rich debtor with massive available assets, you can sell the judgment for more money cash up-front. In this situation, you can also get paid more, and get paid more quickly, on a future-payment basis.

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Should You Judge People By Their Appearance?

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