Salt Creek Recreation Area In Eastern Washington State: Park Is Full Of The Unexpected

What is the one common denominator among individuals at the top of their training game? What is the one essential element that each person, no matter if they are a top athlete or someone who is simply training to become and stay more fit, that they work on consistently? What is that one big component of training which all other training is built? That one thing – is strengthening your core. Arguably, core strength is the most important ingredient in your athletic training regimen. Skipping over this portion on your way to other types of sports performance training is shortchanging your efforts. Each person wants to maximize their potential and core strength training is where you need to focus your efforts.

Public parks are great choices to get out and enjoy the wonders of nature. Why not pack up an old-fashioned picnic lunch, throw in a blanket, and spend an entire day at one of our beautiful city parks? Of course, Game Boys, DS’s and ipods are NOT allowed! How about skipping stones across a lake, flying a kite, or quietly reading a book under a tree? These are all things we did as kids, long before the electronic age hit and dramatically changed the way kids are entertained. Way back when, we actually knew how to have fun without headphones, buttons and batteries! Summer is the perfect time to show our kids these simple, yet oh-so-treasured and rare pastimes. For a complete listing of public parks in Atlanta, click here.

Crescent Beach sands are soft and white, and it’s basically an extension south of Siesta Public Beach. It’s quieter and more peaceful, since you can only access it from one point along Beach Road. The southern demarkation of Crescent Beach is Point of Rocks, where visitors enjoy snorkeling and diving to see the coral rock formations and sea life underwater there..

Toss to the Setter; The coach has the setter at the net. There is a shagger in front and behind the setter. The coach has a basket of balls and two players to receive passes from the shaggers. The coach makes all kinds of tosses to the setter. They are short , long, high, slow, and fast. The setter then back-sets to the shagger behind or the shagger in front. The balls should be set to the shaggers,where it would be placed for a kill. Again, go by time or a number of balls. Keep the intensity high on this drill.

Goofy’s Sports Deck will be located high atop deck 13, with nine holes of miniature golf featuring lessons by Goofy and his son Max. There’s plenty of Disney theming, like a hole that required “Handling a dog leg” by avoiding a fire hydrant and using Pluto’s dog bone to mke it tt hole. The sports deck will also have simulators with various games like tennis, soccer and basketball. The full basketball court can become a mini soccer field or volleyball positions.

Chaffee Park – Tejon St. and W. 43rd Ave., Chaffee doesn’t have the nicest look at times – there is patches of dying grass and mud, but it’s great for playing softball and basketball.

Nemo’s Reef (pictured above) offers water play for the little ones in a shady, soft-surfaced area. There will be pop jets, bubblers and characters from “Finding Nemo” like Dory, Marlin and even Nemo himself. The slide shaped like Mr. Ray will likely be a favorite with young guests.

Garland Park – S. Monaco Parkway and Cherry Creek Dr. N, Garland features a lot of great things, including a basketball court, lighted baseball field and softball field, football field, lighted tennis court, and a sand volleyball court.

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