Valentine’s Day 2010 Gift Ideas

For most Americans, money is tight this holiday season. The cost of gas keeps rising up and down and with the U.S. economy not doing exceptionally well, we’re all going to be having less money in our wallets this year.

MASSAGE – -Stress fills all of our lives. So how about buying a few sessions for your Lady with the local massage therapist? Or if you have great hands, buy some oil and give the massage to her yourself. Either way, she will be purring like a kitty.

Although it may seem boring to give money as a gift, you may give money or a savings bond as a gift. Giving money does not show that you have not put thought or time into a gift, it is actually a very traditional present to give to a person celebrating their Bar Mitzvah. Another way to give the recipient more of a choice of their gift, you can give them a gift certificate to a place you know they like or for a service you know they will enjoy. Ask their mother or father what they like if you do not know, and give them a certificate to this place.

Christmas is never complete without wine or booze to pair with good food or to be a refreshing drink during social cocktails or small dinner parties. Celebrations will always be more enjoyable with a good bottle of wine. Unless they are recovering alcoholics, people will not reject a nice wine gift for any holiday occasion. If you don’t want to get caught in the holiday shopping frenzy, you can simply buy online or order from local shops. You can even get a bargain for bulk orders if you will be giving wine gifts to many of your friends, family, and colleagues at work.

Dominoes. Want a fun time with your favorite senior citizen? Why not gift your favorite senior citizen with a nice set of dominoes and then set up a weekly domino night. You can bake a loaf of banana bread and run on over one night a week for some good clean fun with your favorite senior citizen.

gift ideas him her birthday for the parents? Prepare something that matches their styles and lifestyles. If your parents love vintage or classic gifts, then giving them a pair of china is good enough.

In order to make it more creative, you can also send some sets of mailing equipment along with the love letter, such as cute mail box, elegant mailing paper, as well as simple mailing bags. You can tell your lover to write letter with your mailing paper gift or to keep all your sent letters in your mail box or mail bag gift.

“Of course a lot of it seems hokey now, and with good reason: the world is a far less innocent place than it was in those bucolic, Eisenhower, pre-R&R days.

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