Tips For Collecting Comic Books

The other day I was reading some of the news on the interweb and came across a piece announcing that Phil Harris of “Deadliest Catch” had died. I was instantly drawn to it because I am an avid follower of the show and have been since its inception. I remember watching episodes of this guy sucking down Red Bulls and cigarettes like they were going out of style. He was doing this to make a couple hundred thousand dollars a year. I started thinking to myself, “what good is that money if the way you are living to get it leads to an early death?” Then my mind started thinking about my own MLM success and some of the stress and unhealthy things that can potentially come out of it.

Internet information and rumors suggest there is a Green Hornet film in the works, with a possible casting of Jake Gyllenhaal as the main character. What would you suggest to the scriptwriters if you were given the opportunity?

The current software I wrote myself, cause I figured that if Psychopathic was ever to have the ultimate chatroom, I would have to do it myself from scratch… However, the Juggalo Gathering and another secret task that I have been working on has taken a lot of time, and so the new chat software will probably not be finished until after the Gathering…

If you’re dog is older, princess Leia costume might not be appropriate. Why not make it as the master-Jedi master Yoda. This is the most common star wars pet costume that is available at the pet stores. Its simple style attracts the people. This is a license star wars costume that includes headpiece of Yoda and big Yoda ears and a jumpsuit that is attached in the arms. This is not only available for small pets. It also includes small, medium, large and extra large sizes. That is why you big pets can also be Yoda the Jedi master.

Sometimes, you want to limit your collection apart from a movie or a comic book theme. Let’s say you admire the aesthetic design or the craftsmanship put into a certain toy figure. Well, you can focus on making a collection of it with special sculpts and paint jobs. This will make a unique action figure collection as well.

Put in a collection of classic comic books about favorite superheroes. Add a few small figurines and perhaps costume pieces or masks. If there is a DVD version of a comic, put that in. Include a set of inks and paints with a sketchbook so that the comic book enthusiast can make his own fakku.

And I think that is something that is important for the Juggalosto remember! Of course, we are working to make the Gathering of the Juggalos the BLANK….that is what we do at Psychopathic, we try to make stuff that Juggalos will findentertaining. We are trying to put every entertaining thing that we can think of into the Gathering. We may not have all the resources of Disney, or Sony, or some company like that, but we are 100% commited to making things that are the bomb. We do not know how not to try to make something fresh… its just what we do and who we are. BUT… BUT, that is not the true essence of the Gathering of the Juggalos…

Jelly Nuts : A Juggalo is someone who is truly free, in the real sense ofthe word. They don’t give a BLANK what people think, they don’t give a BLANK what people tell them to do, they don’t give a BLANK what anyone else is doing… the only thing they are interested in is getting BLANKin’ live and living life to the fullest. Many of us fall short from that perfect ideal, myself included, but we all at least try to live up to it,and I would say that makes us all Juggalos!

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