The Pros And Cons Of Plastic Injection Molding

N gauge trains are the smallest of the three most popular sizes and by some accounts, second only in popularity to HO gauge. N gauge trains are built to a scale of 1:160, that is, one one hundred and sixtieth the size of the real locomotive or coach being depicted. The trains run on diminutive tracks that are spaced nine millimeters apart, hence the name N – for nine. If O gauge is the granddaddy of model railroading, N is the new kid on the block. Bachmann, the world’s biggest manufacturer of model train equipment has an extensive range of American N gauge locomotives and rolling stock.

I was highly skeptical of this idea at first because I had spun my wheels for so long on every new program that the managers learned at the latest seminar. Most of these programs just took our time and yielded little or nothing in the way of results. When I heard that it was Japanese, I got interested. At the time, they were decimating our auto industry and I figured they must know something we didn’t.

As a kid I remember installing new Golf Pride Tour Wraps (was there any other kind in the early 1990s?) every two months. It cost a few dollars per grip – installed – and I just left it up to my pro.

And then we waited. The first sign of trouble was when only the wealthy individual put up any money. None of the others could seem to get around to paying us for the stock.

To get a ball park idea of what the clips might cost we calculated what it would cost to produce the clips using Plastic Injection Molds with a 20 cavity mold. We came up with a cost of about $0.0125 per clip. (1-1/4 cents per clip). The tooling was about $13,000.

Making these bird house plans will not be tough. You’ve just to collect all of the materials which can be essential to build the eastern bluebird nesting box. The equipments for these bird house plans are pretty straightforward. All you require is one particular piece of six by six clumb (rough cut), a drill, and galvanized nails (to stop rusting). Then, that you are ready to make nice bird house plans.

Yes, and O gauge modelers say exactly the same thing about HO; live-steamers the same about O gauge. The real issue is to look at how much detail the manufacturers are managing to incorporate. Bachmann’s EMD DD40AX (with Digital Command Control) or if steam is your thing, Bachmann’s big 4-8-4s, available for a number of different roads, are pretty much the state of the miniature injection-molding art. Do you want to really spoil yourself? Just take a look at the articulated C & O 2-6-6-2 in Bachmann’s Spectrum range. And of course, if money’s not an object, finally, the brass loco makers have turned their attention to the burgeoning N gauge train market. N gauge brass is still rarer than HO, but that’s changing.

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