The Power Of Protection

Social media web sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are ever growing in popularity. Most everyone has a Facebook account with which you re-connect with friends and family and share thoughts, opinions, and pictures to name just a few features and don’t forget about all those games they offer. That’s the personal side; however, social media has a lot to offer for the business side.

I think the rallyists want blood tonight. I have seen the trends in the past days. Surely, this is an opportune time for them to stage their cause, The F-3 said.

Raphael made the decision to train in Krav Maga since it offered a more evolved and practical approach to dealing with realistic confrontations, including situations involving weapons and multiple attackers.

Raphael is a recognised instructor with the British Combat Association and is presently teaching his main class at the Fighting Lions Centre of Excellence in Whitstable. He has taught members of the British Army and Police Force, as well as Door Security Staff. He has also taught a seminar for girls at Spires Academy in Sturry. In addition, he has taught the control and restraint portion of the Task International bodyguards San Francisco CA Bay Area Course.

Always include a professionally taken photograph on the CV, top right works best, next to your personal details. You can have the 3/4 length photos printed out a stick roll of labels and careful stick one on each CV; or much easier, just have a digital picture you can print directly with the CV.

Sir, my men can handle this crowd anytime, but with a few street lights around the Park, forcefully dispersing them would be dangerous . . . it may end up in a bloody encounter. It’s difficult to break up the crowd under cover of darkness . . . many will surely get hurt or even die on both sides, the operations officer cautiously explained.

Security and Close Protection Training was an area that I stumbled into. I knew I wanted to get into a field that was more hands-on and less to do with sitting in an office. In my time in this industry, I’ve worked with many experienced ex-military officers who have only helped increase my knowledge and expertise with the way I do my job. I’ve also had the honour to work with many V.I.P’s and dignitaries. Before this, I didn’t know what I was going to do. Now I’m a highly driven career man all because I found a job I love to do.

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