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Every singer wants to be discovered and given a chance to prove his or her talent. Earlier it needed a bit of luck to meet some music producers who can appreciate their talent. However these days the scenario has changed a little. The emergence of the singing competition based TV shows has changed the rules of the game. They have given a lot of chances to a lot of singers and still continue to do so.

As we age, we like to reminisce. While being reminiscent, do not let your mind take guilt trips. Instead, take a trip to a favorite vacation spot or the mall. Have a trip on a cruise ship to exotic ports. Travel to a foreign country you have always wanted to visit. Guilt trips take you nowhere. Remember, you cannot undo what has already been done, so guilt trips are useless.

The Vudu comes in 2 flavors, a 250GB standard unit, or a 1TB, expandable unit that’s targeted more toward the custom installation community. You can rent the movies, with a 24 hour time limit to complete the viewing from the time “play” is pressed. Some title are rental only, while others must be bought, and some allow both.

These two devices use E-Ink technology which makes their reading surface great for reading novels. They are not reflective. They cause no more eyestrain than reading a regular book and you can read it in full sun, not something you can achieve with an ipad or a Color Nook. They are light and easy to use. Downloading books is a breeze.

The iPod video is almost indispensable for me. I download whole seasons of my favorite Netflix Indian TV Shows on netflix and make my plane trips fly by. I love getting those iTunes gift cards in my Christmas stocking to help me “restock” my movies, tunes and shows on my iPod. You can never have enough tunes when you’re stuck on a RJ (those teeny tiny little commuter planes) between a crying baby and really a chatty seatmate; after a really, really long flight that was inexplicably delayed, again. The iPod Video is about $249.

Make all tv shows on netflix kinds of to-do lists for anything you can think of. Then add deadlines and locations. Even set alerts. Or just tell Siri, “Remind me to take out the trash” or “Remind me to pay my phone bill Thursday.” And suddenly, everything you have to do seem a lot more doable.

The show was premiered way back in the year 1999. At start it used to come on the ABC network, but soon it went on to MTV. Currently in its 4th season the singing competition has become really grueling. The lucky people who will be chosen as a group will be sent on tours to give interviews and live performances.

I omitted all Woody Allen, Mel Brooks and Monty Python films, not because I thought they weren’t funny but because they belong in their own class. Or several classes for that matter. Hilarious films all of them but a different genre from the rest.