Soundbite: Hearing Aids In Your Mouth?

Seniors are a diverse group of individuals and therefore, have a variety of needs. However, when you look at individuals over the age of 65, you are likely to find an increase in the number of people with either hearing loss, vision loss, reduced coordination/dexterity, or limited experience with tech devices. For this reason, seniors sometimes have special needs when it comes to cell phones.

If you have a mild to moderate hearing loss, look for a good digital hearing aid that has a trial period, warranty coverage and fits both your budget and your needs. Any of the 4 types may be suggested to you by your Audiologist. Your level of comfort in both wearing the device and in others seeing the device will help you determine which of the 4 types is best for you. For instance, if you feel embarrassed about your hearing loss you may want to lean toward a model that is less visible such as the ITC or CIC varieties.

I hope you can see the point I am trying to make. Learning to ignore Tinnitus is like learning to play the didgeridoo. It needs practice and willpower in able to succeed.

Of course getting better with age doesn’t happen automatically. As employers say, you can have thirty years of experience or one year of experience thirty times. But if you are continually learning and growing, you have paid the price of admission and are indeed getting better with age.

If you have your hearing aid on when you are driving, you must turn off the one that is near the window off or down. By doing that, you could somehow reduce the noise that is present in the car as well as the traffic noise outside. If you are wearing hearing test vancouver on both ears, you could turn off or lower the volume of the one that is against the center of the car. This could help you hear the conversation or the sound of the radio more easily. You just need to try different combinations to see the kind of hearing health care that will work best for you.

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The ‘Bone Conduction’ aid picks up sounds via a microphone. It does not send the signal to a receiver inside the ear. It passes the sounds to an ‘oscillator’ that sits next to the skull, connected to the auditory nerve. These vibrations are understood by the brain as sounds. This type of hearing aid is only used as a last resort. They are only given to those who have no other choice. Consult your audiologist if you think you need a Hearing Aid. They will be able to advise you on which model suits your particular needs.

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