Sales Management Training – Differentiating Your Business During This Recession

I don’t want to go overboard on the subject (a guy who makes his living creating sales & sales management training literature, courses and workshops – telling people they should consider some training – seems a little self serving), but have a look at the list below, see which answers best describe your current saw sharpening activities, and award yourself the appropriate points.

Do you make it a habit to let others know how they’re doing, or do you save it for an annual performance review? Perhaps you’re in a small office, and reviews don’t occur on a regular basis. Now is the time to put a system in place to ensure they do.

He asked what position in particular I was applying for, and I mentioned that “customer service”, “public affairs”, and “event planning” are of the most interest to me. He suggested that I go for the “Executive Training Group Program” as he felt it would be a perfect fit for me based upon my credentials. I asked him more about being a manager, and all he answered with was, “You would have 5 people under you that you would train, it’s a great opportunity, you have the potential of making a six figure income”.

7) Since it’s impossible to quantify training results, training initiatives on the whole must be a huge waste of time and money and in fact should be eliminated on a permanent basis from now on. Simply hire the talent you need, and make it clear it is up to them to learn whatever they need to learn to stay current. After all, they are not human beings; they are cogs in your wheel which they should be able to grease themselves.

When people are talking, you are thinking about you or about what you can do to help them help you. It’s a natural thing for us to do, and it forces us to pitch hard and focus on convincing rather than on gaining agreement.

While you are cultivating sponsors for your cause, your competitors will be busy developing sponsors for their counterattack. The biggest threat to your winning a complex sale is the existence of an individual who wants your competition to win.

You can’t ever change the unexpected, but you can change how you respond to the unexpected. With you newly laid plans for how you will spend your time you are prepared to deal with the unexpected. When the unexpected happens, and it will, you can look at your calendar evaluate the importance of the unexpected and determine either when you will schedule it in or if it truly has to be dealt with now how you will rearrange your calendar to compensate.

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