Planting Orchids – 5 Truths About How To Care For An Orchid

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Vanda is a Sanskrit word which simply means orchid. In Asia, these species cover almost the entire continent spreading from India to the remote Pacific Islands. The most common shade in which these bi quyet lam tre hoa lan da are found is yellow. But you can expect to find them in almost any color from brown, green to soft plush. Vanda coerulea is an extremely rare species which is known for its bluish purple flowers.

Other plants require repotting for optimum growth but some plants may not be suitable for this idea. They would not want their roots to be disturbed or other plants’ root system is small. One way to check if your plant needs repotting is to turn it upside down. Tap the pot to release the plant and check its roots. If roots are all you see, then repot.

Ludisia. Called the “jewel orchid”, needs repotting during late winter and early spring. Let this plant dry out before watering. Water it at least once a week or once every two weeks.

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Orchids should not be repotted without a compelling reason. If, for example, aeration of the potting materials is poor because of decomposition, it must be replaced. Care must be taken to ensure that new growths and shoots are not overlapping the rim of the pot – large, neglected plants that have been potted for a long time are notoriously difficult to handle, and it is easy to break off new shoots and roots. But, when in doubt, put it off for another year!

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