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To some people cremation just seems strange. They feel like the only real way to put the remains of someone to rest is by planting them in the ground. Although cremation services has been performed throughout history, there are still those who do not even like the idea of it. Yet others continue to prefer this method over traditional burial. There are many reasons why this is so. If you are one of those who have wondered why anyone would want to be cremated or choose this method for someone they love read on to discover a few of the reasons.

Mr. Bevell offered, at no charge, to file the death certificate and get Dad’s flag. He wrote a lovely obituary which he filed, free of charge, with both local and out-of-town newspapers. We only had to pay the newspaper fees. (Atlantic Cremation had wanted us to pay a $35 “fee” for filing out of town obituaries!) He also made us (at no charge) seven laminated copies of Dad’s obituary, complete with picture, and the loveliest memorial candle, with Dad’s picture and a beautiful poem. His thoughtfulness – which he says is extended to all of their families – touched us so much we all cried. What a contrast between Wilmington Burial and Cremation and Atlantic!

Ask for a price list for all of their services, but more specifically for the services that you have inquired about to them. They should be able to give you their price list whether you inquire at their offices or by calling them.

Having the name of a pet cremation service noted somewhere in your pet’s records may sound morbid. But, if tragedy strikes and your pet passes away, it is information that could become quite useful to you or the staff at your veterinarian’s office.

Who will be invited? Should the funeral be open only the family members and close friends, or should neighbors and co-workers be allowed to attend? This is something to consider because a large funeral can be very costly.

Hazel died January 8, 2013. All that knew her were saddened by her passing, but were so grateful to have met such an amazing and inspiring woman. Leppert Mortuary and Funeral home at 740 East 86th Street in Nora, is pet friendly and allows pets to be included in the funeral service if the family wishes. They also have arrangements for Cat cremation services Pittsburgh and burial. Hazel’s family were happy to agree to let Jelly Bean III come to Leppert Funeral home to say goodbye to his owner. The family said he could actually stay for the funeral and wanted him to be at the burial. They felt that Jelly Bean III was like her child because she had no children with her husband, Norm.

When it comes to pet urns there are several styles and designs to choose from but you may want to create a custom urn that will specifically represent your pet and their life. Artists can be commissioned to design pet urns made from many different materials. Whether they mold an urn from clay or carve it out of wood it will be a special design custom to you. If you plan to place the urn outside you may choose to have it made of stone or ceramic materials. This way it will withstand the weather and last for years to come. Pet urns can be customized with special inscriptions or personalized with your pet’s name or picture.

Some of these pet urns are created as memory boxes and have space enough for pictures on the outside of the urn and room for your pet’s favorite items such as leashes, toys and other trinkets that you don’t feel that you can get rid of. Another option you have for a cremation urn is a traditional pet urn that looks like an ornate vase with a lid. No matter which you choose, make sure it is right for you. This is what you are going to see every time you remember your pet.

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