Make A Great Garage Part Of Your Dream Home

Wooden overhead garage doors can be a beautiful part of your home. Whether they are a flip-up or a sectional type, a wooden garage door accentuates the design elements of your home. The versatility of wood allows you to paint the door to your design specifications, but a natural wood finish can also be an elegant and beautiful way to display your home. Wood garage doors compose a large percentage of the homes currently in existence. Chances are, if you have an automatic garage door, it’s made of wood or has some wood elements in it.

Wood is a remarkable building material, sturdy and flexible with many uses. The problems with wood are also well known. If left unprotected, wood can develop rot. Mold and insects can get inside the wood causing it to develop holes and break down. As this occurs inside the wood, it often goes undetected for quite a long period of time before suddenly falling apart.

Although some companies offer a line of steel doors, nothing beats the wooden door. There many kinds of wood used to make carriage house doors, your door dealer will usually give you examples of wood that are available or you can request the kind of wood to be used.

Your friends and family may have recommended that you hire a professional repairman to do the job, but with this guide, we’ll teach you how to do it yourself. Fortunately, installing a new garage door isn’t daunting at all, and as long as you stick to this battle plan, you could have your new garage doors repair san diego up in as long as it takes to read this entire document six times.

If you have a homeowner’s association, you should look at the CC&Rs before adding a new look to your house. Some HOAs do not allow styles that look too different from other houses, while some do not have a preference. The same applies when painting any new doors, as there are often color restrictions.

For steel doors, expect the cost to be around $750 to $1200. This price may change according to the size and thickness or thinness of the steel door. Single skin thinner metal door cost less but double-skin and thick steel doors are always expensive. The brand and kind of steel material also affect the price. Steel doors do not need repainting often but it may rust.

If you are on a tight budget, rolling steel doors tend to be the most affordable. They are often seen on warehouses, sheds, and storage garages. As the name suggests, they roll up in a cylinder when opened. They are much easier to maintain than the other types. You will not need to paint them or provide any other form of upkeep. You have the option of getting them insulated or non-insulated. Insulated rolling doors keep interior temperatures at appropriate levels so you will save on energy costs. If you have no intention of controlling the temperature, however, you can save even more money by getting a non-insulated door. This is why they are often used on storage garages.

Overall I am very happy with my barn style garage doors. They keep the rain and vermin out and my tools in at night. They allow quick and easy vehicle access and most importantly don’t take up any inside headspace. And with no tracks or motors, these garage doors have been totally maintenance free.

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Make A Great Garage Part Of Your Dream Home

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