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Years ago, the trend was expansion – great, big expansion. Bigger TVs, bigger stereos, bigger cars. Now, the trend has shifted to smaller. Sony’s PSP is a hit and nearly every tween I’ve encountered (including my little sister) owns a Nintendo DS.

In other Zombie news, a devilish interactive experience is soon to be unveiled as Rob Zombie joins forces with Universal Studios Hollywood to create a new 3D maze. “Rob Zombie’s House Of 1000 Corpses: In 3D ZombieVision.” As part of the Halloween Horror Nights event, fans will experience the nightmarish world of carnage and chaos based on cult hit film “House Of 1000 Corpses.” Also this past Friday Hellbilly Deluxe 2 was released which features three brand new songs and a DVD with new live videos and a 2010 tour documentary.

Dead Sara makes kenge shqip that is simply exhilarating. If this music doesn’t get your ass up outta your chair and head-banging, you, my friend, have some serious issues you need to address. Dead Sara possesses all the tools for music domination. Emily Armstrong’s voice is incredibly unique. It’s strong and powerful, scratchy yet elegant, and perfect pitch. And the kicker? She sounds just as good live (arguably, better) as in the studio versions.

If only I could—come upon a job that really suits me—meet my “perfect” match—get rid of these extra pound—life would be “perfect”. Happy people know better than to even go there!

Battle Bears: Carnage at an alarming level, all involving cute little multi-colored bears that will pounce you to death if you don’t cut them down with your semi-automatic. It’s as idyllic as you could imagine. Green fields, sunny plains, and the cutest bears this side of “Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-Lot,” but don’t let them get too close: they will eat you for breakfast.

I’m happy enough with my BlackBerry to want to keep it, so it made little sense to get the iPhone when all I actually wanted was the ability to download cool Apps and free games; I went for the iPod Touch.

I am confident if you can find your “go-to” thought, avoid the triggers, and keep focused on the long term you will be well on your way to banishing any thoughts of your spouses acts of infidelity. The thoughts of them having sex will slowly but surely hold little to now power over you anymore. Just like those scary movies I watched when I was a kid, you will be able to replace those thoughts and get yourself some well deserved mental rest.