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But don’t be intimidated-just go! I’m a group fitness (aerobics) instructor, teaching an aerobic dance class once a week. Here’s what you can except from an aerobic dance class and how to make the most of it, even if you’re an uncoordinated newbie.

A plaque hangs outside Jim McFalls’ Towson University office. It is a lasting tribute to Hank Levy. Yet the real tribute we observed came during a sit-down with Jim in his office a couple weeks ago. Despite the international renown Jim McFalls has garnered throughout his career – which includes a 2008 Grammy Award – one of the proudest moments of his life was the day the university asked him if he would be interested in leading Hank Levy’s former band. He jumped at the chance.

Remember to either use a camcorder or use a free software like Camstudio. These two items will help you to create good videos that people will want to watch and look forward to each and everyday. You will even get some repeat visitors who enjoyed your content so much that they just couldn’t get enough of it.

Your first step in shooting a video is to get a video recording device. Today these can come in a simple form such as your cell/mobile phone. Your still camera normally has a video recording setting on it as well. Other options are your web cam or your domestic video camera. All these are very suitable for making YouTube style videos.

“Birthday” was apparently written in 1968, as I just learned. I know it sounds silly, because it’s a silly little birthday song. However, I think it’s more upbeat and fun to sing. Whenever it’s someone’s birthday, I post the youtube thumbnail size of Paul McCartney singing this live in concert somewhere.

You then get a third call. This is from Rick Warren, the evangelical pastor, and he asks you to invest in Rwanda. You may or not be a person of faith, but Rick Warren lends an air of credibility to Rwanda. Rick Warren’s brand creates a brand for Rwanda. Now, you have an interest in investing. Why? Rwanda has had a credited brand created for it. What has happened is reverse branding.

To say the least, social media has pushed a lot of great prank ideas out there for all to see and use. Beyond that, it is also a way for the world to laugh together. It’s nice to know that people, and even corporations, want to make others laugh. Enjoy your April Fool’s Day and share your favorite pranks with us on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages.

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